All Natural Personal Skincare Line from Italy
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Olivella Baby & Mamma line, products
based in pure virgin olive oil, made especially for infants, toddlers and expectant
mothers. This baby care line provides you with bar soaps, baby oil essence and
stretch mark creams that you will feel are safe and effective in cleaning and
moisturizing the new addition to your family.
Olivella Baby Bar Soap
Sapone Bimbo - Jabon Para Bebe
3.52 oz. - 100 grams - Fragrance Free
The solid Olivella "baby" bar soap, has been
developed expressly without addition of fragrances,
naturally elevating the delicate notes of Olive's
essence. 100% derived from Virgin Olive Oil,
compared to other soaps found on market, it
preserves richness of dermo-protective that make it
unique. Terrific hydrating effect and protective "The
natural Mediterranean diet for our skin..."
3-Pack Price: $10.50
Olivella Baby Oil Essence
Olio Bimbo - Aceite para Bebe
1.69 oz. - 50 ml
100% Natural Virgin Olive Oil product, accurately
selected and refined, perfumed with natural
essences of delicate floral notes. Highly eudermic
and emollient for younger skins, enriched with olive
Squalene, Vitamin E, A, nourishes baby’s skin and
fights dehydration. The citrus fragrance
Mediterranean notes will delight the unforgettable
Price: $15.50
Olivella Mamma Anti-Stretch Mark
Crema Antismagliature - Crema Anti-Estrias
5.07 oz. - 150 ml
Its formula contains 100% Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin
A, E. Used regularly from first month of pregnancy,
prevents stretch marks and slight blemishes of the
skin, maintaining it perfectly soft, elastic and
compact. It is advisable to follow treatment after
pregnancy and for following after birth period with
Olivella Mamma lotion. The citrus fragrance
Mediterranean notes will delight the unforgettable

Use: Apply on whole body especially on abdomen,
on breasts, gluteus and on hips after showering or
during the day.

Price: $14.90
Key Benefits of Olivella Products:
  • 100% Virgin Olive Oil
  • Moisturize and Replenish Skin with Nutrients in Virgin Olive Oil
  • Formula contains Anti-Oxidants Vitamin A (beta carotene) and Vitamin E
  • Contains Anti-Aging Properties found in Virgin Olive Oil
  • Natural ingredients penetrate deeply to hydrate skin
  • Rejuvenates skin leaving it soft and supple to the touch
  • Free of Colorants (Natural Green color from Olive Chlorophyl)
  • No SLES / SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulftate)
  • Parabens Free
  • Free of Animal Fats
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Gluten Free
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in Italy
  •
Active Ingredients: naturally contained within Virgin Olive Oil: Squalene ·
B-Carotene · A-Tocopherol or Vitamin E · Alcohol and fatty acids of long band waxes
· Alcohol of long band · Phitosterol and its externals · Acids and triterpenic alcohols ·
Phenols and phenolic acids.
The One & Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept
Olivella® is a premier line for personal
skin care made from
100% Virgin Olive Oil
- one of the world's most effective
ingredients for soothing the skin and
preserving its youthfulness. Olivella
Skincare products are made right where
the olives are grown, in the region of
Umbria, known as the "Green Heart of
Italy" !! Our mission is to be
The One &
Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept.
Our formulas are derived from in-depth
research carried out by our laboratories.
All our oils are accurately and skillfully
selected and then analyzed in order to
guarantee maximum quality for our
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- Made with 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil
- Hypoallergenic Products
- Dermatologically Tested
- Gentle, Pure and Natural
- Natural Anti-Aging Properties
- Natural Antioxidants
- Free of SLES
Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
- Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- Paraben Free
- Free of Colorants
- No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
- Natural green color from Chlorophyll
- Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
- Gluten Free
- Eco-Friendly
- Made in Italy    -    -    USA Tel. +1-561-372-8020
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100% Virgin Olive Oil
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